Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Armor


My FJ Cruisers Trail Armor

This starts a series of post where I will discuss protecting your Toyota FJ Cruiser from trail damage using Trail Armor. I will discuss the products that I use as well as point out a few others that I feel are well made.

When you first get you off road vehicle or FJ Cruiser it most likely does not have any of the needed trail armor for off road use. Trail armor is used to protect the vehicle from impact on rocks or other items on the trail.

So what areas of the FJ Cruiser need to be protected?

Take a look under the FJ. The drive train components are mostly made of cast aluminum. When a rock and the aluminum meet it will almost always be the aluminum that looses. Nothing will stop you faster than punching a hole in the bottom of the drive line and losing all the oil. This can ruin your day as well as cost you thousands of dollars to repair.  Loose all the engine oil and seize the engine and you will be out more than $10,000. Trail armor is inexpensive insurance against this type of damage.

So what areas specifically need to be protected?

In the drive line the following items should be a top priority:

·         Engine oil pan, Steering and IFS components

·         Transmission

·         Transfer Case

·         The electric lock actuator on the rear differential

There are some components in the suspension systems that are prone to damage on the FJ:

·         The frame attachment points for the lower links

·         The lower rear shock mounts

·         The Lower A-Arms

My Rock Rails

My Rock Rails

Ever coming off a trail and see someone with trashed running boards? Some of the most common damage is in the area of the rocker panels. While trying to clear a rock or corner in tight situations and there is a high probability of the rocker panel meeting the trail.

·         The Rocker panels

To finish your trail armor add after market bumpers.

·         Front and Rear Bumper Areas.





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