All Pro Rock Rails – Extended Use Review

All Pro Off Road rock rails have been on my Toyota FJ Cruiser for over 2 years with lots of trail miles. For those considering rock rails here is my impression of the performance of these rails.

Left Rock Rail

I short, the have performed very well. Having the rail under the rocker panel is critical to protecting the FJ’s body work and the All Pro does a good job of this. I have used the rails a sliders a number of times is situations where the FJ had to move along a rock that was under the running board. I have also drop the FJ on this part of the rail when coming off a rock and the rail held up well.

Kick out on right side

All Pro has a second extended rail which provides LOTS of additional protection. There has been numerous times where I have taken a line that puts the side of the FJ near a rock. Having the extended rail has giving me additional assurance that if I rub the rock it won’t be on the body work. I have felt the kick out that the rail has push the rear of the FJ away from rocks as they slide past.

Kick out on left side

The extended rail also provides a good step for access to the roof rack. When I installed the rock rails I applied non-skid tape to the rails and this has really helped prevent slipping.

I used Rustoleum Hammered paint to finish my rails. This has worked well making it easy to touch-up the trail damage.

If I was in the market for rock rails I would definitely consider All Pro as a solution.



Tomas has lived in Colorado since age 5. Having grown up on the Western Slope of Colorado lots of time was spent in the Desert Southwest. Tomas' father introduced him to the love of 4 wheeling at an early age in the high mountains around Aspen, Colorado. While an avid Mountain Biker, Tomas and his Family enjoy adventures in the mountains and desert in the remote locations that can only be reached by 4wd. Day hikes are always a must when on the family trips. While enjoying outdoor activities he wants to share his love as a certified 4wd trainer and ski instructor. Tomas also enjoys caving and cave exploration. Tomas currently resides in Colorado Springs. 


  2 comments for “All Pro Rock Rails – Extended Use Review

  1. Robert
    February 11, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    I took your advice and bought some all pro rock rails for my FJ. They fit on pretty easy and matched up perfectly with my 2010 frame. You mention in your blog you use Rustoleum Hammered paint to finish your rails. Do you recommend any particular paint or color?

    Thank you for the website!

    • February 14, 2010 at 9:25 AM

      I used silver/grey to paint mine. Go with the paint in the can to brush on.

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