Baja Designs Fuego Lights Installed

For some time I have been running 2 inexpensive HID driving lights from Checker on the front of my Toyota FJ Cruiser. The pattern from these lights was not very well directed down the road even though they did seem to fill the area right in front of the FJ with light. I also had one of these lights fail after 1.5 years and they are not repairable.

As a more refined solution I decided to install Baja Designs Fuego 4 inch lights on the FJ. To get the best lighting I chose to go with 4 lights; two driving beam for projection down the road, and two wide cornering lights to fill the area in front and to the sides of the FJ. The wide cornering lights have a 40 degree beam and the driving lights have a 20 degree beam. The Fuego lights have a cool quick adjustment for vertical aiming.

Fuego Lights

Installing these on my All Pro Off Road light bar took an additional bar to provide 4 mounting points. The cornering beams are pointed about 10 degrees out for better side lighting. The 2 driving lights are mounted outside the cornering lights and a little lower. I used a 1” square tube to create the light bare and some nylon spacers to position the outside lights. The mounting system feels very solid.

Full Front View of Fuego Lights

The lights are wired into the factory driving light switch using an additional relay close to the battery to provide a higher amp system for the 4 lights. The factory system is designed for a total of 100 watts and  this system is a total of 140 watts.

Relay installed near battery

I had to build a four  connector harness for the lights using the supplied connectors.


The lights have an aluminum ring that matches the color of my FJ.

View of Mounting System

Side View



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