Brake Upgrade with Frozen Rotors – Rear

The rear brake upgrade is a little more complicated because the parking brake needs to be dealt with.

Read end jacked

I first jacked the rear of the FJ up and with the jack stands in place I removed the wheels from both sides. Removal of the rear requires that the parking brake pad be loosened using the adjustment for the pads. If this step is not completed the rotors will bind on the pads while being pulled.

Bolts being used to free rotor

With the PB pads loosened I removed the calipers and used 2 bolts to break the rotor free. I used brake cleaner to clean the parking brakes and then installed the new rotors. The calipers need to be spread to allow space for the new pads which were installed using brake lube  to reduce the change of squeal.

Parking braked cleaned and inspected

Parking brake cleaned and inspected

With the calipers reinstalled I adjusted the park brake using the factory recommended specs and then reinstalled the wheels.

The replacement of the real rotors to about 45 minutes.



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