Rear Wiring Harness

In an effort to build our new Toyota FJ Cruiser in the cleanest way possible I am creating custom wiring harnesses for all my electrical accessories. Today’s project was building the harness for the rear of the FJ. This harness will provide the power to the accessories mounted in the rear of the FJ as well as connect to another harness that is wired through a port to the roof rack.

I purchased 14 colors of wire in both 14 and 18 gauge to build these harnesses.This harness has 10 wires, 4 of which are spares. I used hi temp wire loom to house the wires and then wrapped the loom with tape.

The rear harness runs from the right fender area and under the FJ above the right frame rail then up the same place as the stock inverter.

I am terminating the harnesses with automotive grade connectors.

cost: Total for all wiring $500.00



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  1 comment for “Rear Wiring Harness

  1. fj_najd
    September 11, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    I love it same idea did it before u but I didnot use the black isolation!

    Will do again, by the way I have few ideas I would love to share it with U how can I do that

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