HF Radio Install – Part 1

I started the install of my new HF Radio in the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The install includes the following items:

  • Icom IC-7000 All Band Radio
  • SCS PTC-IIusb Pactor-II HF Radio Modem
  • Turbo-Tuner Screwdriver Antenna Controller
  • RIGtalk USB Rig CV-I rig control interface
  • Little Tarheel II Screwdriver Antenna
  • Associated cables
  • Icom remote speaker

The install involves the following tasks:

  • Install the remote speaker
  • Install the remote control head for the radio
  • Build the antenna mount support for the screwdriver antenna
  • Install the antenna
  • Route the Antenna feed-line and Screwdriver control line to the antenna mount location
  • Install the radio mounting platform
  • Run power cable from main battery
  • Mount the radio, modem and antenna controller
  • Cable the radio and modem to the on-board computer
  • Make all radio and modem connections

Today’s work involved getting the Speaker mounted, the radio platform installed and the antenna installed.

The speaker is mounted to the top of the center cluster. With the cluster removed it is easy to run the cables down behind the FM radio and though the center console. The remote radio head will be mounted under my on-board computer display so this cable has also been routed with the speaker wire to the radio install platform.

Antenna Mount Support

Little Tarheel II

For the HF antenna I built a mount support that bolts to the rear of the spare tire.  The mount support provides a 1″ vertical square tube that the antenna mount bolts to. The mount can be moved up and down on the mount to change vertical clearance. The mount support is grounded to the FJ through the spare tire mount. I have an additional ground strap that will be a positive tie from the rear door to the rest of the FJ body.

Feed-line and Antenna Control Line Routing

Radio Support Platform

For mounting the radio equipment I have mounted a 3/8″ plywood plate to the left fender in front of my CO2 tank install.

I hope to finish the install tomorrow.




Tomas has lived in Colorado since age 5. Having grown up on the Western Slope of Colorado lots of time was spent in the Desert Southwest. Tomas' father introduced him to the love of 4 wheeling at an early age in the high mountains around Aspen, Colorado. While an avid Mountain Biker, Tomas and his Family enjoy adventures in the mountains and desert in the remote locations that can only be reached by 4wd. Day hikes are always a must when on the family trips. While enjoying outdoor activities he wants to share his love as a certified 4wd trainer and ski instructor. Tomas also enjoys caving and cave exploration. Tomas currently resides in Colorado Springs. 

  2 comments for “HF Radio Install – Part 1

  1. Jesse
    June 4, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    I noticed with my cobra cb speaker anywhere near my center cluster the compass would be off. Have you noticed this at all? I rely on my compass a lot for navigation so it was a major drawback for me.

    • June 8, 2011 at 8:05 AM

      I do not use the compass. It is not set.

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