AFE Cold Air Intake Install

With my new AFE Power Cold Air Intake (CAI) in hand it was time to get the install finished. Last week I work on moving part of my electrical system to provide the space for the CAI to be installed in my Toyota FJ Cruiser. The air box does not take much more room than the stock one but I still had to clean up the space by moving a 60 amp fuse and shifting the aux battery tie down.

AFE CAI Installed in the Toyota FJ Cruiser

(Photos of install are at end of post)

During the fit check I also determined how I would plumb the air box to the snorkel. With all the parts in hand it was time to get down to business and finish this project.

1) Remove the old air box and intake.
2) Move the rubber mounting bushings from the stock box the the AFE box.
3) Opened up the wheel well trim so I could access the snorkel adapter.
4) Used sandpaper to ruff up the intake on the air box so the rubber sealant I am using to mate the snorkel adapter to the box Would stick.
5) Removed the snorkel adapter from the FJ and installed it in the air box using the rubber sealant.
6) Installed the mounting stud in the fender.
7) Installed the air box in the FJ.
8) Moved the mass flow sensor from the old intake to the new intake.
9) Installed the intake and tightened all the clamps.
10) Reattached the vacuum tubes and mass flow sensor.
11) Installed the air filter an air box cover.
12) Started the FJ and checked all connections.
13) Took the FJ for a test drive.

The install kit is very complete with all parts needed. The only complication with my install was mating the air box to the Safari Snorkel. If you do not have a snorkel that install will be seamless. The instructions very complete and cover all the steps required. The new air intake seems to have increased the power even though I have no method to scientifically test the improved performance. The AFE intake increased the intake noise to a healthy sounding growl.

I just returned from a road trip to Cruise Moab and will say that my perception was that the performance of the Toyota FJ Cruiser is improved by the Cold Air Intake.



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