ARB Front Bumper

The ARB front bumper set the standard for quality. It is also the bumper that most dealers install as an aftermarket add. The one drawback of this bumper is the weight, at 150 lb. you will be adding a net gain of at least 200 lb. once you add a winch.

“Offering increased protection for the front of the FJ, ARB’s deluxe front bumper is air bag compatible and incorporates ARB’s exceptionally strong five fold up-swept and tapered wing design, with a split pan that further increases strength while facilitating airflow to the engine. For additional practicality, it incorporates Hi-Lift jacking points and will accommodate IPF driving lights, fog lights and two CB antennas.”

I know a number of people that run this bumper and they are very pleased with their choice. This bumpers bull bar is designed to provide protection from animal impacts.

Price $: Check pricing at dealers.

FJ Cruiser Bumper


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