Downey Off-Road Skid Plates

“Downey Off-Road has developed a full line of 3/16″ steel “Army Tank” skid plating as replacement for original equipment front belly plates. Your stock thin sheet metal plates were obviously made with the assumption you would not be going off road. Most decorative aluminum skid plates would also be pulverized if you did go off road. Downey’s new formed steel plates were designed to support full vehicle weight being drug over boulders (although no amount of skid plating would withstand high speed collisions with boulders)!! Downey has added additional strength through shaping, formed-in angulation, and with beveled holes in flat surfaces. Some models have additional steel braces between skid plate and frame. All skid plates are silver powder painted."

Downey has decided not to include an oil drain plug access whole in the skid claiming that it would compromise the quality of the skid. At each engine service the skid plate must be removed which adds a good chunk of time spent under the FJ during an oil change. There are many other manufacturers that do provide this feature and I recommend that you go with a design that offers a drain plug opening.

Price: $199.00


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