Metal Tech 4×4 Sliders

Metal Tech takes a different approach to sliders. Most vendors sliders are constructed out of square or round tubing. Metal Tech builds a slider that is fully boxed. While this leads to a higher cost it provides a slider that does not have any points that can hang up on obstacles as the slider moves over them.

“These sliders are designed for the whole family including pets, but with the DNA of hard core off-road design embedded in them. We CNC Laser cut and bent the main bodies of the sliders to match the lines of the FJ Cruiser and provide a full length step down the side of the vehicle. Since they are fully enclosed on top small feet, paws, heals etc. will not slip between the FJ Cruiser and the slider (ouch!) like open designs will allow. The full length step also gives quick access to the top of the FJ Cruiser. Each slider is only as wide as the outside edge of the factory fender flair. Direct bolt on with the included, U.S. made, high alloy grade 10.9 metric bolts. These sliders are so strong you can lift the truck with a forklift off them. (Tested in-house!)

These are the ONLY sliders powder coated on the inside as well as the outside! Metal-tech takes pride in the performance and look of our sliders and chose to not play the “non powder coated game”. We know the quality of our products deserves the best finish. We also are not afraid to properly pack and ship our products. Non powder coated products can be handled like cord wood vs. properly finished parts being handled like the precision parts they are. If you wish to custom order non finished parts you can for a $30 savings”

Metal Tech


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