Stubbs Welding – Rock Sliders

Stubbs Welding provides a number of rock sliders for the FJ Cruiser.

“FJ Cruiser Ultimate SKO Rocksliders: 100% Bolt on!  These sliders are built the same as our severe duty models but are designed specifically for the Toyota FJ Cruiser and are completely bolt on.  Metric 10.9 Hardware is included as well.  The unique design using “C” channel for the frame mount makes these sliders extremely strong. The other thing that is very different from any other FJC sliders out there is that we angle the legs to the mounts which puts the legs material in “compression” versus being loaded on a parallel plane. Think of it this way if you lay a soda can on the ground, and stand on it the result will be failure. Now stand that can on end, and it will support your entire body weight!

We can make these sliders in the Ultimate SKO, Rubicon DKO,  and also the deluxe model model configurations.

This product is made with 1.75″ diameter  and 2″x2″ square tubing.  Both are .120″ wall.  The legs are made from 1.5″x1.5″ square tubing with a wall thickness of .188 (3/16″).    The sliders will be delivered in an unfinished/unpainted state, but are 100% ready to be bolted to your vehicles frame with the supplied hardware.”


$575.00 2007+ FJCruiser Rubicon DKO 

$435.00: 2007+ FJ Cruiser, Ultimate SKO

$425.00: 2007+ FJ Cruiser, Deluxe

$410.00: 2007+ FJ Cruiser, HD-SKO


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