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Ham Radio modifications and information

HF Radio Install – Part 1

I started the install of my new HF Radio in the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The install includes the following items: Icom IC-7000 All Band Radio SCS PTC-IIusb Pactor-II HF Radio Modem Turbo-Tuner Screwdriver Antenna Controller RIGtalk USB Rig CV-I rig control interface Little Tarheel II Screwdriver Antenna Associated cables Icom remote speaker The install involves…


Ham Radio License Upgrade

So I passed my General class Ham Radio license test a few weeks ago. The General license expands my privileges into the HF bands. When you hear about people talking to the other side of the world using their radio, it is on HF that they did it. I passed my General so I would…


Car PC Build for DaToy

With the redo of DaToy’s electronics I decided to get away from the laptop and implement an integrated Car PC. The Computer is designed to have the following functionality: – Built in GPS using Garmin GPS 15 – Integration with the FJ Jammer using Car2PC – OBD II Support – Touch Screen Capability – Bluetooth…