How Tos

A selection of post that detail instructions for modifications or other technical processes for the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Rooftop Tent Mildew Cleaning

This is the method recommended by ARB. For really bad mildew it will require removing the tent from the platform. Mildew can develop any time your tent is stored wet. It looks bad, smells bad and can damage your tent’s waterproof coatings. DON’T LET IT START. Alas, if it already exists, here’s how to approach…


Second Horn Installation

This is one of the first electrical mods I made to our new Iceberg FJ Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser is wired for a second horn. However, the wiring harness for the horn is located behind the washer fluid reservoir. I have written instruction on installing a second horn in front of the radiator using the…


Boot Care

Having invested lots in the boots we wear for our travels, cleaning and condition is very important to extend their life. Cleaning removes the small dirt particles that get in the pores of the leather which contribute to the breakdown of the leather. Cleaning also removes any chemicals that are on the surface of the…