Expedition Trailer

The M416 trailer has been modified for use as an off-road expedition trailer.

M416 Fresh Water Tanks

For some time I have been planning on mounting water tanks under the bed of our M416 trailer.  The idea was to be able to carry more water and to have the weight down low to help keep the trailer from tipping. I ordered two 15 gallon tanks off the Internet as a starting point…


MAX Coupler Hitch Installed

The standard pintle hitch on the M416 trail is a great hitch. However, there are a few shortcomings; the pintle is REALLY noisy; in many cases the tongue is too short; for high speed highway travel it is lacking in stability; and it is really hard to back. The positive of the original pintle is that it is…


M416 Frame Mods

With the intention of moving my roof top tent rack outside the trailer bed some frame modifications were needed. The initial modifications where to the frame. I needed to extend the front and rear frame cross members about 10″ out from the side of the bed. The front and rear cross members where replaced. The…