Streamlight LED Flashlight

Since 2008 I have been running a Streamlight Strion flashlight in my Toyota FJ Cruiser. The installation is integrated into the dash of the FJ and here is the post on how the installation was originally done.   On my last trip I realized how dim the incandescent bulb really is. With this in mind…


Auxiliary Battery Upgrade

Over the last few adventures that we have taken in our Toyota FJ Cruiser and especially the trip to Alaska I found that I undersized the auxiliary battery. The battery was getting run down most nights and I was even having problems with is getting fully drained at home. I am a believer in the Odyssey…


Roof Access Wiring Ports

When waterproof fitting are needed, the best place to look is the marine industry. With a number of antennas and powered items mounted on our roof rack I needed lots of wiring access. To accommodate the high number of wires I chose to install 2 roof wiring ports. The part that I used is from…