Car PC Build for DaToy

With the redo of DaToy’s electronics I decided to get away from the laptop and implement an integrated Car PC. The Computer is designed to have the following functionality: – Built in GPS using Garmin GPS 15 – Integration with the FJ Jammer using Car2PC – OBD II Support – Touch Screen Capability – Bluetooth…


Car Computer

As part of my electrical accessory redo on the Toyota FJ Cruiser, I am converting from a Laptop to a full blown car computer. The systems is going to be mounted under the passenger seat. The Router will be mounted at the back of the FJ. Right now I am bench testing the system to…


Carling Switches

When adding multiple electrical components to the FJ Cruiser you will rapidly run out of switch locations. I spent sometime searching for the best switch technology for my additional applications. I settled on Carling Technology switches. Carling offers a switch calls the Contura (J-Series) Rocker switch. The switch in environmentally sealed and rated for a…