Ham Radio

HF Radio Install – Part 1

I started the install of my new HF Radio in the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The install includes the following items: Icom IC-7000 All Band Radio SCS PTC-IIusb Pactor-II HF Radio Modem Turbo-Tuner Screwdriver Antenna Controller RIGtalk USB Rig CV-I rig control interface Little Tarheel II Screwdriver Antenna Associated cables Icom remote speaker The install involves…


Car PC Build for DaToy

With the redo of DaToy’s electronics I decided to get away from the laptop and implement an integrated Car PC. The Computer is designed to have the following functionality: – Built in GPS using Garmin GPS 15 – Integration with the FJ Jammer using Car2PC – OBD II Support – Touch Screen Capability – Bluetooth…