Rear Reading Light

In our old Toyota FJ Cruiser our daughter always complained about not having a reading light in the back. With our new build I decided to install a reading light while I had the headliner removed. I used the stock map light that is installed in the front of the FJ. I was able to…


Golight Stryker HID installed

On our old Toyota FJ Cruiser I ran 2 Golight Strykers mounted on the roof rack. I had intended to use these lights as off road lights but they did not function well for this. One of the lights has been upgraded to HID and the beam is very concentrated. This works well as a…


LED Utility Lights

One of the things that I missed having on the Blue Burro, our first Toyota FJ Cruiser build was external utility lights. To rectify this I ordered a batch of 8 LED 18 watt utility lights from a company in China to test.  The lights are contained in an Aluminum housing that is designed to…