Golight Stryker Bulb Replacement

I decided to replace the bulbs in my Golight Strykers with Toshiba HIR ( Halogen Infrared Reflecting ) 9011 bulbs. This bulb is supposed to produce more light than a comparable halogen bulb. I spent about $48.00 on 2 bulbs ordered them from an eBay seller. The documentation for the Stryker has no information on…


Engine Compartment Light

Ever opened the hood of your Toyota FJ Cruiser at night and been unable to see right? Enter my LED engine compartment light. No more searching for the head lamp or other light. When I open the hood this light comes on automatically. It utilizes a retro mercury tilt sensor switch mounted to the hood. The LED…


Rock Lights Added to DaToy

I spent some time today getting my LED rock lights installed on my Toyota FJ Cruiser. The LEDs are 1 watt and I installed 5 of them under the FJ. They are wired into a relay under the hood that is controlled by a switch in my switch console. I could have wired these directly…