Trail Armor

Redline Lower Link Skids

Living in Colorado Springs it’s not often that my Toyota FJ Cruiser gets used to develop a new product. However, I have been working with Redline Landcruisers this summer doing electrical wiring in some of their custom builds. Redline has been wanted to move into the FJC market with more products so prior to to…


Bud Built Skids Installed

Skid plates are one of the most important parts of an off road Toyota FJ Cruiser build. The Bud Built skids are the 3rd set of skids that I have run of the FJ Cruiser. On the Blue Burro I first ran All Pro Off Road skids. The All Pro skids offer the best clearance  of…


Rear Differential Skid

All the off-road adventures that we went on in our last Toyota FJ Cruiser beat up the rear differential housing. With a quality diff skid now available from Bud Built I decided that our new FJ Cruiser build needed differential protection. I purchased the skid as bare metal and finished it with black Rustolium Hammered…