Trip Reports

You will find information on the places that we have gone as well as information on how to get there.

The Slow Way North

Travel, driving fast, the scenery zooming by outside the window: this is the rhythm of the interstate Highway. The point of the Interstate Highway is to get from point A to B with few stops and as fast as possible. Me, I prefer the slow route, the 2-lane blacktop that twists and winds its way…


Magruder Corridor – A way west

Making our way from Montana to Idaho on the Magruder Corridor provided a classic remote back-country experience. I have been eyeing the Magruder as a possible back-country adventure for the last 8 years. Finally, with our daughter living in Missoula, Montana we had the opportunity to take on this route during our summer road trip.…


Walking with the Ancients

Many don’t know that some of the oldest trees in the world reside here in the US. The Bristlecone Pine is a small tree that lives in harsh high altitude climates. In Colorado we have the Rocky Mountain Bristlecone that lives up to 2400 years. In Colorado Springs we are lucky to have a Bristlecone…