Those really special places that we have found.

Procession Panel Hike

The Procession panel is another must hike in SE Utah. The hike starts in Butler Wash and end at the top of Comb Ridge. The rock art panel depicts 179 figures in a procession across the panel. The hike traverses up the sandstone slope on the Butler wash side of Comb ridge. There are cairns…


Desert Citadel

Cedar Mesa houses some fantastic and remote ruins from the time of the Ancestral Pueblo Peoples. Two of the ruins we visited out our last trip were Seven Kivas and the Citadel. Both ruins require a hike from the same trail head. We camped at the trail head for these hikes. We started the day…


Big Bend – The Road Home

A fantastic clear morning with a great sunrise greeted us on our sixth day in Bid Bend. Starting the day with blueberry pancakes made the morning even better. As was sun was rising to the east the full moon was seting to the west, the kind of view that we spend time in the out…