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The Slow Way North

Travel, driving fast, the scenery zooming by outside the window: this is the rhythm of the interstate Highway. The point of the Interstate Highway is to get from point A to B with few stops and as fast as possible. Me, I prefer the slow route, the 2-lane blacktop that twists and winds its way…


A Swell Trip

As part of the 2011 Cruise Moab there we two overnight runs. One along the Kokopelli and the second to the San Rafael Swell. When I registered for CM 2011 I was placed on the waiting list for the Swell overnight run. Two days before the start of the event I received a call that…


May Adventure Trip Day 5

Day five of our trip in our Toyota FJ Cruiser took us back into Colorado. After packing we headed down the John Brown Creek Road to Gateway. This road is a very steep grade following the river down the canyon.  The scenery is fantastic with the road traveling through some narrow section cut by the…