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The Slow Way North

Travel, driving fast, the scenery zooming by outside the window: this is the rhythm of the interstate Highway. The point of the Interstate Highway is to get from point A to B with few stops and as fast as possible. Me, I prefer the slow route, the 2-lane blacktop that twists and winds its way…


M416 Spring Replacement

I use my M416 exclusively as an off road adventure trailer. I have found the original springs to be a little stiff. To rectify this I ordered 8 leaf springs from JC Whitney and performed a quick swap. The springs are for the front of a CJ3 jeep. I also replace the shackle bolts at…


The Ultimate Cargo Trailer

Call me a nuts if you want but I have purchased another trailer. The trailer is a M101A2 military trailer with a 3/4 tonne capacity. The trailer is in fantastic shape and came with sides and a cover. The trailer is outfitted with a surge brake which will be a great asset when towing larger…