All Pro Bumper and Superwinch

I am currently modifying and refinishing my All Pro bumper. The powder coat was junk and started pealing off on all the edges. After using the bumper for 1.5 years I have some changes that I wanted to make.

The upper edge of the bumper wings contact the body work so I have cut the bumper to contour around the body work. Once I have the bumper repainted I will put rubber trim on this section:

I am finally getting around to installing the light bar so I welded the backing plates into the bumper. I may also add a gusset to help prevent the light bar from bending back if I hit a deer. The hole is for the wiring to the lights.

I have bent the shackle point on the bumper so I have modified to help prevent them from bending again. This point also makes contact when rock crawling so this will help that also:

Added tabs for license plate.

Added tabs to bolt lower bumper skid to. I needed to do this after cutting the ends off the skid so it would still fit:

Added gussets to the bumper wings to strengthen after cutting the contour. THis will also be part of the fog light mount.

Shows were the fog lights will go:

Additional Work to be completed.

I will be modifying the way the lower bumper skid attaches and also have it connect to the front skid.

I have fog lights on order that will be installed in the bumper wings. I will be cutting holes in the wings and also running a rib up the back to strengthen and provide the mount point for the lights.

I am considering adding a 3/16 plate to the front of the frame where the bumper bolts on the strengthen the attachment point and I will be adding a bracket on the side that connects the bumper to the side of the frame.

Some of these items will be completed when I get the FJ back from having the fenders replaced.

The following pictures are of the original installation:


My daughter wrenching for me:

My wheel well mods. I like things to look factory if I can. I was able to contour the plastic and painted with undercoating:

Here is the completed picture:



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