HF Radio Install – Part 2

I completed the install of my new Icom IC-7000 in our Toyota FJ Cruiser today. With the wiring completed all I had to finish was the mounting of the radio, MODEM, antenna controller and the radio head.

Radio Cabling

I mounted the radio and MODEM on the installed mounting platform. The antenna controller is mounted to the MODEM using double sided tape. The wiring was then completed to the radio hardware. The CAT cable and MODEM USB cables are run under the trim right behind the rear seats.

HF Radio Equipment Installed

Alternate View of Radio Equipment


The radio head is mounted under the carPC display using a modified mobile phone mount. The mount allows for some adjustment of the head.

Radio Head Installed

The radio and MODEM are cabled to the computer so I can run AIRMAIL for sending and receiving emails using the WINLINK 2000 system. I also am able to run computer control software for the radio.

The total time to complete the install was about 10 hours.

Cost (This is the retail cost, I was able to purchase some of the equipment used):

  • ICOM IC-7000 – $1195.00
  • SCS PTC-IIusb Modem with PACTOR-II License – $1248.00
  • Turbo-Tuner antenna controller – $199.00
  • Little Tarheel II screwdriver antenna – $379.00
  • Little Tarheel II Mount – $89.00
  • RIGtalk CV-I CAT interface – $59.00
  • ICOM Speaker – $76.95
  • Cable and connectors – Approx $65.00
  • Radio Head Mount – $35.00

Total Cost: $3348.95



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  1. dale durham
    January 14, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    I love your set up!!! I know from experience that it works great!

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