Carling Switches

When adding multiple electrical components to the FJ Cruiser you will rapidly run out of switch locations. I spent sometime searching for the best switch technology for my additional applications. I settled on Carling Technology switches.

Carling offers a switch calls the Contura (J-Series) Rocker switch. The switch in environmentally sealed and rated for a wide range of temperatures. The switch is rated for 12 volt at 10 amps which should be good for all FJ applications. (If you need to switch a higher amp circuit the switch should be controlling a relay.)

The Contura switch is sold in 3 parts; the switch body, the switch actuator, and the electrical connector. The connector is not needed due to the switch using standard sized terminals, however, should you choose to use the connector it will make for a cleaner install. The Switch is available in a number of configurations for SPST and DPDT as momentary switching.

By separating out the actuator you are able to build switches that fit your requirements. The Contura II Actuator is a standard shaped actuator that is available in either a hard plastic finish or a soft rubber finish. There are 2 indicator light options available, a dash indicator light and an on indicator light. Not all switches have both lights. There are also mountain panels available for this switch.

Once you determine your switching needs you can configure the switches that you need by ordering the individual components. I purchased most of my switches from WAYTEK, however OTRATTW has a number of switches with pre-printed icons on them.

I like the feel of the rubber switches so I chose to go with that option. I purchased a number switches with no icon on them and will be working on creating decals with my ink jet to label the switches. (More on this later.) Carling Technology has a PDF that contains a LARGE number of legend icons.



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  3 comments for “Carling Switches

  1. Robert
    October 5, 2010 at 9:50 AM

    Did you ever do a writeup on making your own decals? I would really like to see this, or get any information you have.


    • October 6, 2010 at 12:46 PM

      What I tried did not work. I tried to use decal paper and print them on the printer.

  2. Alex
    May 24, 2011 at 10:35 AM

    Hello There, Im practicaly in love with your fog light rocker switch showed on blue on your front page, I owe a Jeep Patriot 2009 and I would love to use that switch for my foglights how can I buy It.



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