Low Cost HID Driving Lights Installed

I have been wanting to get driving lights installed on my Toyota FJ Cruiser to give me more light while driving at night. I selected a low cost HID light that Checker Auto is selling. I also decided to use as much of the factory harness as possible. With the factory harness and relay the Driving Lights will turn off when the low beams are selected. Some people do not like this but for highway driving it is the legal requirement.

The parts I used to complete this installation are as follows:

  • Toyota Aux Light Switch and Harness (
    P#: PT297-35070-SH-AS ordered from here) $62.00
  • Toyota Aux Light Relay (p# 90080-87026) $65.00
  • A 15 amp mini fuse
  • 2 HID Driving lights (I went with 4″, Checker P#:
    99004) $94.00 Each
  • Wire & Connectors

The PDF installation instructions for the Toyota Auxiliary lights is located here. This will help you with the overall disassemble and reassembly of the FJ as well as the installation of the switch.

The Steps I followed:

Step 1 – Disconnect the Battery

When ever I work on the electrical system of my FJ I am sure to disconnect the battery so I do not cause a short and damage the electrical system.

Step 2 – The Switch:

I Followed the instructions in the PDF for the installed the AUX light switch.

1 -I remove all the dash and console panels as directed by the PDF.

2 – I located the Aux Light plug in the left kick panel and plug the harness in.

3 – I then connected the ground for the harness. This ground is for the indicator light on the switch.

4 – I routed the harness to the switch location

5 – Then plugged the harness into the switch.

6 – I now taped the dash lights following the instructions in the PDF

6 – Once I completed the switch and harness install I reassembles the dash and console.

Step 3 – Mount your driving lights.

I mounted my lights to the light bar on my All Pro front bumper.

Step 4 – Wire Lights to Harness

For me this was the hardest part due to the factory plug being so hard to get to.

1 – I located the factory AUX light plug.

2 – I then identified and cut the Red / Green wire at the plug and attached the positive feed wire for the lights. The Black / White wire is a direct ground connection which I did not use.

3 – I connect the lighting ground to the chassis ground right next to the battery.

4 – Then I route the wires to the lights and connect and connected them. I have quick connects behind the grill so I can disconnect the lights if the grill needs to be removed.

5 – I clean up and verify all my connections.

Step 4 – Install Relay and Fuse

With the system now ready I installed the relay and 15 amp fuse that control the AUX lights in the main relay / fuse box under the hood. If you look at the relay legend on the cover it will also help place the relay and fuse.

Step 5 – Reconnect the battery

Step 6 – Test the lights and aim them.

To air the lights park the vehicle 25 feet from a wall on a level surface. Measure the distance between the center of the auxiliary light and the ground. Place a horizontal mark on the wall at that height.

Visual aim is made with the center of the driving beam hot spot 1.5 inches below the lamp center at 25 feet with the lamp facing straight forward.

There we go….



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  11 comments for “Low Cost HID Driving Lights Installed

  1. dale
    January 28, 2009 at 5:31 PM


    Once again you have provided the FJ community with a great install. Your step by step instructions and pics are concise and easy follow.

    I can’t wait for your next project to be completed and posted!



  2. Lou
    January 29, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    Amazingly low price on those lights. Install tips good. Time to do it!

  3. Mike
    February 3, 2010 at 1:26 PM

    Sweet! Now I feel more comfortable taking on this project on my FJ. The last thing I wanted to do was install new lights with some cheesy wiring like I used to do when I was a teen in the 1970’s on my 1964 FJ40 Cruiser.

    I just stumbled on this site, I like it.



  4. fj_najd
    March 14, 2010 at 11:41 AM

    Hi there

    very cool work and thank you for sharing,

    But I have a problem with it because I replaced the headlights with Bi xenon kit the Aux light didn’t work again at all :(

    can you help with that please?

    the kit use power from battery and signal from socket I added a resistor for the blue indicator in dash it is working good but the AUX light is dead.

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