Front Bumpers

There are a wide variety of front bumpers available for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Bumpers are available in steel, aluminum and steel tubes. Many are designed to carry a winch and provide front recovery points. In choosing your front bumper I recommend you consider the following items:

  • Is weight of concern?
  • Do you need a winch?
  • Is front angle of approach clearance important?
  • Are you looking for ease of installation?
  • Do you want your bumper prefinished?
  • Do you want a light or bull bar?
  • Do you want the ability to mount lights in the bumper?

Once you have considered these items you are ready to make your selection.

I chose the All Pro Off-road front bumper because it was light weight, provided very good front clearance, had a light bar option, and provided for winch installation.


  1 comment for “Front Bumpers

  1. Tommy
    June 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    Looking for a front bumper.

    easy install if possible, Powder coated, lights in bumper, have built in bumper a receiver for a portable winch that can be used front or back, bars possibly

    I like the looks for the DeMello and the ARB

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