DeMello Off-Road – Front Bumper

DeMello Off-Road has a number off front bumper options for the FJ Cruiser. They sell ARB and Fab Fours as well as fabricate both a Tube Bumper and a plate bumper. Both bumpers will accommodate a winch.

Plate Bumper

“DeMello Off-Road bumpers are complete bolt on and feature 1/4in winch mount construction with a 1/8in plating for a durable but light weight bumper. This bumper features a flat top surface with a simple light weight high clearance construction. You can add a number of options to this bumper making it your own! All bumpers are bare metal unless otherwise noted. Please allow for 3-4 weeks from time of purchase.”

Price: $689.00 (add $75.00 for center hoop, $125.00 for outer hoops, $150.00 for powder coat)


Tube Bumper

DeMello Off-Road’s Tube winch bumper a simpler more prerunner approach to a front bumper. This bumper combines functionality and utility into a nice little package.

Price: $850.00 (add $75.00 for powder coat)

Tube Winch Bumper


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  1. jacey
    April 26, 2015 at 6:11 PM

    where did you get those prices from?

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